6th 14:00 - 7th 14:00 December 2018

Prague, Czech Republic

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100 Spots Available

Prague Chemicals Management Cruise venue

Day 1: Networking cruise with lightning presentations

An afternoon full of short speeches on hot regulatory topics, followed by a networking dinner with a boat cruise through the heart of Prague.

Let's navigate together towards compliance!

Day 2: Experience-sharing round tables

Facilitated by no-one less than Peter Woodward - world class facilitator who will make sure we all go home full of new information shared with the others in the room. 

We will take a close look at different topics and share practical experience in addressing some of the main challenges on the way towards regulatory compliance.

Prague Chemicals Management Cruise - Venue

A few words from the participants of PCMC 2017

Dragica Kolović  

Head of R&D at Galenika Fitofarmacija, Serbia  

"It was exceptional pleasure to participate in the 2017 Conference.  

I would like to highlight a good choice of the topics and great organization. As an important and useful issue I found sessions on sharing the experiences related to process of registration of chemicals under REACH." 

Raymond Haddad  

Director at Société Industrielle Adonis s.a.l, Lebanon  

"The information shared all along the two modules were valuable and useful in increasing my knowledge and understanding of REACH regulations .  

I really enjoyed the presentation style and the interaction created between attendees."

Faik Iskenderov  

SOCAR Methanol MMC, Azerbaijan  

"Thank you for the invitation to such an important event for us. We received a lot of information concerning registration in ECHA."